2018.03.17 Language Barrier with Miki


Say hello to Miki. She's a natural, or maybe she has honed her skills with 10,000 hours of modeling practice - I don't know the details.

I found Miki on Modelmayhem. Her face is timeless, she looks like a Japanese Audrey Hepburn. I sent her a message and she didn’t respond. About 3 months later I messaged her again and she responded, so we set up a shoot.

Timing is everything when messaging models. A lot of guys give up if the first message doesn’t land, and others just spam the girls every day for months. I find that sending a few messages a few months apart works best for me. Sometimes the girls are temporarily overwhelmed, or they are busy taking 200 selfies in a row, or they just forget to respond. Never give up.

The shoot was a blur, but a few things stood out. At the start of the shoot she announced: “I don’t know how to be sexy”, but she looked sexy while saying it. Awkwardness and insecurity are authentic, and authenticity is sexy. Fake, forced confidence isn’t sexy. I’d rather shoot an awkward nerdy girl than someone who refers to herself as a goddess. Just be who you are, as long as who you are isn’t terrible.

miki gif

Miki was nerdy, but not awkward, as she is a total pro in front of the camera. I didn’t have to coach her at all, other than a few minor adjustments. She knew all of her best angles and poses. We tried this “super fast posing” exercise that she wanted to do, where she would strike a new pose every every 2 seconds and I tried to keep up.

I definitely failed to keep up, but I was happy with the shots that I landed. The photos were good, but the process looked ridiculous. Imagine a girl striking distinct, disjointed, ultra dramatic poses every 2 seconds. She looked like a glitching video game character.

Unfortunately Miki blocked me on Instagram due to a mismatch in our sense of humor, so our professional relationship is likely dead. But we’ll always have these photos. They can never take that away from us. She was a doll, and I hope everyone enjoys looking at the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

miki gif
miki gif

If you enjoy these photos, follow me: Instagram / Twitter



If you enjoy these photos, follow me: Instagram / Twitter


She’s a free spirit. The type of girl who posts quotes like “I do what I want” on Instagram, as if that is an achievement.

TALENT by Viktor Matthews

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