2017.08.21 Microdots with Inertia Creeps


I went through a phase where I started each shoot with an outdoor set, if time permitted. On this day Inertia Creeps and I walked around my neighborhood in San Jose.

I wanted to recreate the energy of the outdoor set in our first shoot, which has always been one of my favorites.

She looked lovely in this polkadot skirt and started attracting attention within the first block of our walk. We kept shooting and kept moving, but there are lurkers everywhere. Cars sitting at stop signs for a few extra minutes, male pedestrians walking by, then walking by again, and so on.

We tried to shoot in an empty building, but some workers came by shortly after and kicked us out. We exited quickly and avoided eye contact, walked home, and finished the shoot. I'll share the other photos later. For now, enjoy these.

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