2017.03.12 Make Atlantic City Sketchy Again


In October 2016 I made my biyearly pilgrimage to the east coast to visit family and friends. My friend had the idea to visit Atlantic City to get some cool night photos. We got there in the mid afternoon and it was a beautiful day, unseasonably warm. The first few photos in the set are of the Trump Taj Mahal, which had been officially closed 8 days prior. My understanding is that Donald Trump hadn't been directly involved with casino operations in years, but it still gave the situation an eerie feel since it was only a few weeks before the election. It's becoming hard to remember now, but around the time of the 2016 election, there was a thick paranoia in the air based on the unlikely chance that Donald Trump could win.


It was a Tuesday afternoon, and the vibe of the boardwalk and casino exteriors had the kind of desperation that you find in any area with heavy gambling. Weirdos hobbled past us every few minutes. The casino loudspeakers boomed a clip of Guy Fieri talking about his special sauce, on a loop.


After the sun went down things took a turn for the worse. I could see prostitutes handing over money to pimps out of the corner of my eye. A retarded girl ran past us, looking confused and excited. She crossed the street and ended up in a conversation with the pimp. "I think we just saw a retarded girl get turned out", my friend said. We walked through a crowd of guys on a corner that looked at us like lions gaze at antelopes. I took my camera from around my neck and wrapped the strap around my hand. We speed walked to the car and got the fuck out of there.

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