2016.08.06 The Bizarre and the Beautiful with Luna Leung


Say hello to Luna Leung.

She is a very bizarre girl who brought a unique vibe into our shoot. Bizarre is good.

She reminded me a bit of Caitlin. They do weird things and all you can do is click the shutter, while occasionally moving the camera aside to verify that the weird stuff you're seeing through the viewfinder is actually happening in real life.

She was obsessed with wearing socks and really liked the color white. I also enjoy shooting girls in white, so we meshed well.

At one point she started posing with a bar of soap. Those photos didn't quite work so I didn't include them here.

I have more stuff with Luna in the vault, so stay tuned. In the meanwhile, enjoy these photos.

I wrote a short story about this shoot in my book TALENT.

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