2016.10.01 Sarissle and her Silhouette


Sarissle and I decided to get together again and make some magic.

Our first shoot was back in early 2015. I sniped her on Modelmayhem when she was a young doe eyed lass. You have to find the girls early, when they are still full of energy and optimism.

Now she was a bit seasoned. She had walked the earth and experienced some things.

You can read an interview with Sarissle about this shoot over at JUNNNKTANK!.

I get great light in my apartment year round, but in the winter months I get pure bright white hot sunlight in my living room for an hour in the afternoon. You can see an example of it in the shots at the end of this set of Meiko Askara.

I wanted to try some silhouette stuff against the window, but the light wasn't quite ready yet, so we killed time shooting in my 2nd bedroom.

I used my Sony A7 with a Leica Summicron 50mm lens, via an adapter. I suck at manual focus but I think these first few came out pretty good.


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The sun finally hit the right spot so we did the silhouettes. I switched to my main camera and lens.

I had to grind to find the right composition and angle, and I'm not sure that I did find it, but I like the way these came out.

I can't do stuff like this with every model. Some girls want every photo to include their face. Some girls want me to gloss them up like an import model. Part of being a photographer is figuring out how to compromise, or sometimes how to convince a model that my idea is a good one.

I say "trust me" a lot during shoots. I also say "arch your back" a lot.

Sarissle trusted that I had a clue what I was doing, and I appreciated it.


Since the light was looking good why not shoot some backlit stuff against the window?

I really enjoyed this shoot. Even when I was sitting in horrible fucking traffic after giving Sarissle a ride back to Santa Cruz, I had no regrets.

I've got more photos of Sarissle sitting in the vault, waiting to be edited, so stay tuned.

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