2016.03.12 Lizzy Lamb in Stripes


Say hi to Lizzy Lamb. I think you are going to like each other.

In July of 2015, I drove from Miami to Jacksonville, Florida. I decided to check out Tampa for a few days since I'd never been there.

"Why the fuck are you going to Tampa?" everyone asked.

Why does anyone do anything. Because we're all going to die one day, so just do whatever you want whether it makes sense or not. I booked a nice hotel on the bay and scheduled a few shoots.

All of the girls flaked except for Lizzy. It was a blessing. They probably all sucked, and she was wonderful.

We had an interesting clash of styles. It reminded me of my first shoot with "Dakini" or my crazy shoot with Mercedes.

We shot 3 other sets on this day, so stay tuned.

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