2016.01.23 Koi No Yokan


Say hello to another girl from Craigslist. In typical Craigslist-girl fashion, she responded to my ad, then I responded, then she disappeared.

But through the hand of god, she got back to me a month later. I had a date set for 2nd life and justdb to come down and interview me, so I asked her if she'd be willing to model for me while they shot some BTS footage before the interview.

She arrived and we started looking at wardrobe. She chose super sexy outfits which was a great sign. I'd been having bad luck with girls choosing things that are "comfy". Why would you want to wear something comfy during a photoshoot? Comfy is for when you are at home, not with a camera pointed at you, not required to project a sexy, alluring look.

Her outfit was not comfy. She chose a crazy high cut thong one-piece that I bought from China, similar to what the girls wear in Japanese porn. Japanese porn is great for, uh, wardrobe research.

My job requires a lot of wardrobe research.


We started shooting. With the BTS action going on it was pretty chaotic, but I tried my best to focus and get in the zone. I was concerned my model was going to be super nervous and awkward so I did what I could to get her going. When I'm concerned about nervousness I just try to get them to talk.

I asked her a bunch of questions. I tried to understand all of the decisions in her life that had led her to sticking her butt in my camera while wearing a translucent Chinese one-piece leotard.

What a great outfit. I also took photos of her in another outfit that I will share in the near future. Before she left, I recall her saying to me "you're a lot nicer in person than you are on the internet".


After my model left, my comrades and I started interviewing. First we walked around in the streets of San Jose and shot a bit. Then we came back to my place where they asked me some hard hitting questions. I chose to be completely unprepared so I would give the first answers that came to mind. This increased the probability of sincerity and limited my ability to speak in vague pretentious art-isms.

Thanks to my lovely anonymous model, and also famed photographers Film Exclusive and Second Life for turning all of this chaos into a good time.


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