2015.12.20 Worst Behavior with Sierra Moreno


This is Sierra Moreno. I sniped her on Modelmayhem and we set up a shoot.

I had been wanting to do a night shoot around my place in downtown San Jose, but most girls were scared to try it, or said they wanted to try it and then changed their minds when they came over. Sierra was particularly interested in doing the night shoot so I wanted to take advantage of her courage while I could.

I picked her up on my way home from work. I tried to make some conversation with her but it wasn't working out, so I turned the music up and we rode in semi-awkward semi-silence for about 20 minutes.


I had scouted a handful of spots to shoot at, but it was drizzling so I decided to skip a few of them. As we walked to the first spot Sierra's friends started calling her to ask when she would be finished with the shoot. They'd call, she'd tell them that she would be done soon, then they would call again 5 minutes later. It wasn't great.

Chemistry is important during shoots. It doesn't matter what the model and I talk about, but it does matter that some words are being spoken and that both of us are focused on the shoot. There are rare exceptions to this, for example when I shot Meiko Askara, we barely talked at all. But Meiko also had no opinions about the shoot and was fine with me putting her in the exact poses that I wanted.


One of my favorite models (whose name I will not mention, but her photos are all over this site) has a boyfriend who always starts texting her about an hour into the shoot. He texts every 5 minutes and doesn't stop until we finish shooting. She has to scurry back and forth between exasperatingly responding to texts and then aiming her butt towards my camera.

I would rather kill myself than send more than 5 text messages in a day. "I'd prefer that we think fondly of each other instead of texting" is a line I've tried on many girls. It has a 0% success rate.

I'm off topic. Sierra and I moved from spot to spot, and she gave me good energy. She's brand new but talented, and I like her vibe. The rain caused me to rush, but then we did a quick final set in the parking garage below my building. This was the fastest shoot I've ever done, and especially considering the chaotic environment, the results aren't bad.


Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Sierra and I will shoot again. She asked me to edit 75 photos from our shoot, I offered to edit 10 photos, she complained that this wasn't enough since she didn't get paid, and here we are.

What on earth are you going to do with 75 photos, make a collage?

Let's end on a positive note: I really like the photos. I tried out some new locations. I responded to her complaints in a minimally dickish manner, which is progress for me.

Thank you lord, for presenting me with these challenges.


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