2015.09.12 The Ghost of Charlotte


Charlotte found me on Modelmayhem and we set up a shoot. I get a lot of girls contacting me who want to shoot stuff that is kind of like my normal work, just not as sexy. Generally I think it makes more sense to work with a photographer who shoots what you want to shoot, instead of asking a photographer to shoot something different than what he/she normally shoots. So I usually tell them that they are better off finding another photographer. But sometimes I have some free time and decide to try it instead.

This is a pretty small set of photos, as we had to cut this set short when Charlotte started feeling lightheaded. She also seemed very nervous, which reminded me of my shoot with Miss Eritrea. Nerves can burn up a lot of adrenaline. Sometimes it's easy to forget that modeling is hard work - even if they are just standing there, standing while emotionally projecting is really draining. But I like these photos. They are different, and the far away shots have an odd, haunting quality to them.

I'm trying to get into the habit of doing at least one subtle, fashiony, composition-driven shoot every few months. It never hurts to take a break from the butt shots and shoot some other stuff. The butts will still be there when you come back.

blue boots incinerate expressway

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