2015.10.10 Solicitous with Sumalee


This is Sumalee. I found her on Instagram and slid into her DMs about shooting. She responded positively and we set it up.

She asked if we could talk on the phone before we shot. It's funny - back in 2012 when I first started shooting models, I used to require that girls speak to me on the phone before we shot. This way we could exhange some coherent words about wardrobe, location, etc. and avoid misunderstandings. I abandoned this after a few months, since young girls now hate talking on the phone so much that I was missing out of shoots because of it. I recall one girl saying that she couldn't talk on the phone because she had a very sore throat. I said fine, let's just not shoot then. She seemed disappointed. I said ok, if you can't talk, instead just text me photos of your entire wardrobe. She did it - 10+ text messages of skirts, shorts, t-shirts, etc.. This is how far girls will go to avoid talking on the phone. Spend 20 minutes texting instead of 3 minutes talking.


But Sumalee and I spoke on the phone and it was fine. She seemed nervous and sweet. She wanted to get coffee before we shot so she could get comfortable with me. I took her down to San Pedro Square Market. She drank coffee, I drank water. It was a beautiful day. We sat outside in the sun and chatted a bit. Some random asian guy was freestyle rhyming loudly in the street.

We waltzed back to my place, picked out some wardrobe, and started shooting. She gave me a good mix of sexy and mysterious. She picked out a skirt which was awesome because I love shooting girls in skirts.

I have another set of Sumalee from this day, so stay tuned if you'd like to see more.


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She’s a free spirit. The type of girl who posts quotes like “I do what I want” on Instagram, as if that is an achievement.

TALENT by Viktor Matthews

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