2015.08.14 Savory with Sarissle


Some of the photos from this set were published in Latch Magazine

This is Sarissle. I found her on ModelMayhem and asked her to shoot. I just don't see girls that look like her on a regular basis, so it seemed like getting her in front of my camera was a good idea.

I went down to meet her in the street. She had a very, uh, unique style going on. To my memory she was wearing blue overalls and chucks. I showed her my large bushels of women's clothing, gave her a few ideas, and set her free to pick her outfit.

And some time passed.

Then, more time passed.

45 minutes later she emerged wearing the outfit you see in these photos. Had I known it would have been such a long wait, I would have worked on a few chapters of my next novel, or perhaps cooked a stew.

Usually when a girl takes so long to get dressed it is a bad sign. That was not the case on this day. What impressed me most about Sarissle was her attitude. She seemed genuinely excited to be shooting, and whenever I showed her some photos or an instax I had taken, she would clap her hands and bounce around.

Some people say that attitude is everything. They're wrong, but it's still a decent philosophy. I have such fond memories of this shoot in part because Sarrisle had such a great attitude and vibe. It inspires me to try to be more positive in my approach to photography, as opposed to getting frustrated when models give me hateful eyes or ignore all my direction. Here's to positivity, and fuck any assholes who disagree.

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