2014.06.22 Vacancy with Avery Doll


Say hello to Avery Doll. Her hobbies include taking selfies and text messaging.

I found Avery randomly on ModelMayhem and we set up a shoot. I had been wanting to shoot near Fort Ord again since my shoot with Mercedes last summer, and since Avery lived in Santa Cruz it seemed like a good fit.

The morning of the shoot she texted me about postponing the shoot due to her having tan lines. I will never understand why girls are radio silent until the day of the shoot and then something always comes up. You probably had those tan lines yesterday, so why didn't you text me yesterday - also, everyone knows that tan lines are sexy. I interpreted this as her just not wanting to shoot topless anymore, which I didn't care about anyway.

One thing I've learned is that you should not rely on your shoot happening until you actually have the girl in front of you and are taking photos. Most of the time postponing a shoot is the same as canceling it. Never postpone, always move forward.


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