2014.05.04 Pepper Kester part 2


Pepper Kester would like to bake you some delicious brownies seasoned with marijuana.

After our first set I had Pepper stand against the wall as I shot some photos of her looking all sexy and crazy.

I think what separates the best photographers (and models) is the ability to create something from nothing. I see a lot of beautiful photos taken in ornate mansions, beautiful beaches, or on glass balconies overlooking Los Angeles. I want to challenge myself by shooting photos against a dirty wall in a small unremarkable studio in downtown San Jose. There is no beautiful scenery here. Through the window you cannot see captivating California hills - you can only see a mob of homeless men fellating each other. The only beauty is that which we create ourselves, while we dream of a better life.

The best thing about Pepper is her range - despite her pornographic specialties, she had more physical and emotional range than most of the girls that I've worked with. There is a light in her eyes as she looks at the camera, and she knows how to move. There are a lot of snobby fashion models who will not work with me for various reasons, but it doesn't matter if I can keep producing work like this, with models like this.

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