2014.04.13 Pepper Kester part 1


This is Pepper Kester. She would like to get to know you better.

She does lesbian porn. I'll wait while you google her and check out some scenes of her banging girls with strap ons. It is not my thing, but to each his/her own.

I had never shot a girl who does porn before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Would she attempt to snort blow off of my expensive canon lens? Would she pull a knife on me? Is she really a 57 year old serial killer posing in a freshly constructed woman-suit?

She showed up right on time. She called me to say that she had arrived, and her voice sounded cheerful. When I went downstairs to meet her, she smiled, opened her arms and hugged me. She was wearing heels and a summer dress.

Am I fucking hallucinating here? Where is the dread? Where is the unmentioned escort and horrible attitude?

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I had her put on a red swimsuit. She posed for awhile before saying, excitedly, "I can take this off, you know." I told her that I like to shoot fully clothed for at least 15 minutes to start the shoot. She seemed disappointed, but still gave me her best.

In my experience, a lot of nude models seem uncomfortable with nudity. When they strip down they are inhibited, hunched over and graceless.

With Pepper, it was the opposite - she had an insurgent sexuality that I had to tone down to get the shots I wanted. She would always find a way to stick her butt out or expose her crotch, regardless of the shot.

I had never shot a model as friendly, professional, and, uh, sexual, than Pepper before, and it made my job a million times easier.

She was a pleasure to photograph, and I'm really happy with the pictures. Hopefully you like them also.


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