2014.07.05 outlaw


here is another random anonymous girl from craigslist

she is into 2 things: weed and tupac. and also posting quotes on instagram in all caps. so that is 3 things. the shoot was alright, the smoking brought in a different aspect. usually my shoots are pretty free-form, but in this case I was focused on capturing her exhaling at the right moments.

she smokes weed in backwoods. I took a few hits and coughed quite a bit. I told her a story about the only time I ever passed out from smoking weed in my life - I was 17 years old in a hotel room smoking a backwood, because the gas station I stopped at had run out of philly blunts. I told my friends "I have to lie down for awhile" and then lied on my back with my mouth open like a dead oppossum for 15 minutes.

she is one of the 4 girls I shot around the time when my ipad was stolen. stay tuned for jaw-dropping photos of the other 3 suspects in the coming months, in a series tentatively titled "she stole my heart (and also my ipad)"

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