2014.01.10 On Hate


You have to learn not to care if the model you are shooting hates you.


I found a girl on ModelMayhem and we set up a shoot. When she arrived I met her in the street and she instantly had the look of misery in her eyes. I asked her if she enjoyed modeling and she said "no." I appreciated the honesty, but I knew I was in for a challenge.

The ideal model is happy, cheerful, ready and willing to do whatever you say. But if you become dependent on this you will not succeed. In practice you will find a lot of models simply do not want to be there.

Why does she seem so sour? Did I forget to comb my hair or put on deoderant? Should I take off my gimp suit? Don't worry about it. Ignore her sighs and sarcastic remarks. You are on a mission to create beautiful photographs. Do what needs to be done.


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