2014.07.12 nomad with praesepe

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say hello to praesepe, a lovely dreadlocked creature who responded to my craigslist ad looking for models.


she and her boyfriend were traveling cross country and were passing through the bay area. I had never shot a suicide girl before so I figured it would be interesting. shortly before our shoot she flaked, but then surprisingly unflaked and showed up. I've never had that happen before, but I'm sure it will happen again in time.

she seemed a little nervous, possibly because she had a bad experience the day before with a photographer who enjoyed talking dirty to her. once she realized that I am a supreme gentleman she loosened up and we achieved some good shots. I would have liked to do another set but we were losing sunlight and they still had a long drive ahead of them, so we declared success and called it a day.

I gave her my copy of philip k. dick's do androids dream of electric sheep as something to read during her travels, hopefully it did not cause her a deep and terrifying paranoia of androids walking among us.

2014.05.13-praesepe-quasar 2014.05.13-praesepe-coal 2014.05.13-praesepe-tribute 2014.05.13-praesepe-simon 2014.05.13-praesepe-allegiance 2014.05.13-praesepe-lotus 2014.05.13-praesepe-rinse 2014.05.13-praesepe-extinct 2014.05.13-praesepe-sidekick 2014.05.13-praesepe-awake 2014.05.13-praesepe-force 2014.05.13-praesepe-tint 2014.05.13-praesepe-audi 2014.05.13-praesepe-diatribe 2014.05.13-praesepe-witness 2014.05.13-praesepe-more 2014.05.13-praesepe-witness 2014.05.13-praesepe-wildling 2014.05.13-praesepe-faded 2014.05.13-praesepe-ledger 2014.05.13-praesepe-first 2014.05.13-praesepe-andromeda

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