2014.03.02 Makenzi James part 2


This is Makenzi James. I can't think of a good second sentence to write here.

After shooting the first set, Makenzi pointed to a couch in the back of the studio and suggested that we shoot on it. It was a new space for me so I hadn't learned all of the good spots. Usually ideas that models suggest are horrible, but this one was good. I told her to gyrate around like a crazy woman as I took a bunch of photos in burst mode. I wasn't sure how it would work but I like the way the photos came out. Sometimes you have to take risks, and in photography that means embracing the possibility of taking 100 photos and having all of them suck.

2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-burglar 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-stakeout 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-bathe 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-bathe-3 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-forty-five 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-smother 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-rain-1 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-rain-2 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-echo 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-blast-1 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-2-yolk

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