2014.05.09 Lucy Jaye part 3

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say hello to lucy, she has missed you.


this is my last set of lucy from this day. her bedroom got great light and had an interesting vibe, so we shot in there. she had a henry rollins poster on her wall that I wanted to incorporate into some of the photos. in hindsight I had no idea what I was doing, but the pictures came out alright nonetheless.

I had to return to philly a month later and took some more photos of her, so stay tuned.

2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-roar 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-extend 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-isis 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-tyrant 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-reflektor 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-mourn 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-nerd 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-arrow 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-rollins-is-my-general 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-not-what-they-seem 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-nietzsche 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-rollins-is-my-god 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-sprawl 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-stillborn 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-triad 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-3-libertine

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