2014.09.21 Jordan Bunniie, The Professional

Some of these photos were posted as an editorial on Junnnktank!, including a short interview about the shoot.

I think of Jordan Bunnie as "The Professional" because of the energy she brought to our shoot. She understands how to mix sexy, dark, funny, and mysterious together really well. I've seen her do 4 poses in 4 seconds of 4 different emotions. It gives the photos a good edge and a good range. I'll have some more of her coming up in the near future.

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2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-deep 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-banana 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-professor 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-mitochondria 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-detente 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-malaria 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-beauty-is-a-mask 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-lauren 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-antarctica

I thought about splitting these into 2 sets, but decided against it and released them together. I like the warm red/yellow of the earlier images mixed with the cold white/green of the later ones. Not sure quite how they ended up that way. It was one of those weird overcast California days where the colors don't make sense.

2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-deuteron 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-white-wedding 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-siege 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-expert 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-hatchet 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-mother 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-noise 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-gatekeeper 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-tower 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-tower-2 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-flashback-2 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-move 2014.02.15-jordan-bunniie-1-deadlock

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