2014.03.29 Johannie Valdes part 3


After our first and second sets, Johannie was tired, so we just shot some casual stuff on the couch for a few minutes before we called it a day.

I've learned that even if you are paying a model, she is not a robot. Sometimes they get tired or just aren't feeling it, and as a photographer you need to learn tricks to squeeze everything you can out of a shoot. For example, when a model gets tired it shows in her eyes, so I will just put sunglasses on her. This also works well when a girl has nervous eyes, hateful eyes, or crazy eyes. Sometimes these qualities can work to make a photo more interesting, but usually I find them to be a distraction, so covering them is the best bet.

2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-riviera 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-izquierda 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-borderline 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-salvage 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-visitor 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-into-the-wild 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-true-romance 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-disappear 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-marilyn 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-3-legalese

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