2014.02.22 Hunter with Lucy Jaye part 1

see these photos on flickr and tumblr. a few of them were also published as an editorial Hunter on S Magazine's STALKER blog.

this is lucy jaye. I found her on instagram and set up a shoot with her during a trip I took to philly.


We shot these in the hallway of the building where she lives. It is an old school building that they converted into apartments. It still gives me nightmares.

2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-flash 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-orchid 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-negative 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-entrapment 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-coil 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-oriole 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-matador 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-artemis 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-sponge 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-1-thief

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