2014.04.07 Hunter: Lucy Jaye part 2


Some of these photos were published as an editorial Hunter on S Magazine's STALKER blog.

Lucy reminds me of a tiny predator, like a mongoose. She looks cute and harmless, but also eats cobras and gargles with their venom.

I rarely shoot girls in fancy lingerie, and wanted to give it a shot. I've since grown to enjoy the dread in a model's eyes when I say "how about you put on some stockings and garters".

at one point during this set I asked lucy to take off her panties so I could shoot her in just the stockings and garters. she said something like "I keep my underwear on during shoots now". I found this irritating but felt like the photos were looking good so didn't want to kill the vibe. had I known at the time that she shoots and sells amateur porn, I may have taken a stronger position.

some girls model only for the money and do not care about the pictures. the ideal shoot for them would be one where you didn't shoot at all, instead you would simply hand over money and then leave immediately. since that is unlikely, what happens more often is that she will do the least amount of work possible to meet your demands. it is important to keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to pursue conflict when a model refuses one of your requests. "I don't take my panties off" can easily become a slippery slope towards a model de-sexualizing a shoot or deciding she doesn't want to pose nude anymore. obviously models have the right to shoot or not shoot whatever they want, but as a photographer you also have the right to end the shoot early if you aren't getting what you want.

in this case, I paid for a nude model and didn't get one, but otherwise she was very accomodating, the photos were sexy, and the location was great, so I still felt good about the shoot.

2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-plans 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-nucleus 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-hunter 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-stars 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-nuclear-winter 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-far 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-momentum 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-arbitrator 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-coordinate 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-seraphim 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-the-night-s-watch 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-cerberus 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-crown
2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-visitor 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-neighbor 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-iverson 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-arrested 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-cold-world 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-trafficking 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-wasp 2013.10.23-lucy-jaye-2-mage

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