2014.02.02 Theatre: Dakini part 1

See some of these photos in Dry Magazine.

This is Dakini. if you asked her why she models, she would probably say something like "I enjoy the creative process".

Upon her arrival I went downstairs to greet her at the doorway. She was dressed like an indian nun. This is something that takes awhile to get used to as a photographer - the way the girls look on camera is not the way they present themselves in real life.

Dakini is an excellent poser. She is one of those models that starts magically gyrating and glaring as soon as you point a camera at her.


As she was going to remove her top I asked her to do it slowly while I snapped pictures in burst mode. She said that she wasn't comfortable with that because it felt like stripping. I resisted my urges to mock her and stared idly out the window as she removed her top, then resumed shooting.

Different models have different comfort zones. it is just something that you have to get used to. The worst thing you can do is try to logically convince them that their boundaries don't make sense, because these matters are usually emotional, not logical. While as a photographer you may not particularly care whether someone labels your work as porn, for female models it can be a very significant distinction that ties into their self image and self esteem. aturally, a lot of girls do not tell their families about their nude modeling, and are paranoid about them finding out. they also have to consider the opinions of their future boyfriends or husbands. I try to be as sensitive as possible to their constraints as long as it doesn't fundamentally conflict with the photos I'm taking.

2013.07.21-dakini-1-controlled-mayhem-then-erupts 2013.07.21-dakini-1-solar 2013.07.21-dakini-1-less 2013.07.21-dakini-1-swan 2013.07.21-dakini-1-river-city-ransom 2013.07.21-dakini-1-wolf
2013.07.21-dakini-1-different 2013.07.21-dakini-1-caste 2013.07.21-dakini-1-europa 2013.07.21-dakini-1-cave 2013.07.21-dakini-1-pagan

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