2014.07.24 cam damage in white


see these photos in S Magazine.

you know her, you love her, it is cam damage.

I was pretty sure that cam and I weren't going to get along, but I wanted to shoot with her anyway. I have the typical photographer ego which makes me believe that I can shoot photos of someone that are unlike anything anyone has done before.

luckily we got along very well. I was surprised to discover that she and I grew up in almost exactly the same part of pennsylvania. so it was particularly strange that we met in order to take naked photos in an apartment in san jose, california.. stay tuned as I will eventually be publishing a few other sets from this day.

2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-volta 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-valuation 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-machete 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-warm
2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-awake 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-prototype 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-oath 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-vista 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-cleveland 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-honeypot
2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-green 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-expenditure 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-hyper 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-fair 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-socket 2014.02.19-cam-damage-1-nicole

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