2014.01.19 Caitlin in Yellow


This is Caitlin. I invited her over to shoot after she responded to an ad I posted on craigslist looking for models.

I prefer natural light for a number of reasons, one of which is that I suck at managing artificial light. I'm still learning and I will get better at it. Even when I get the angling and power right I still find the coloring of flash lighting against a white wall to be bland, especially since I prefer desaturated tones. So I tend to do weird things like use colored gels, which is why a lot of these photos are yellow.

Caitlin has a unique look (and style, and personality) which is more high-fashion than sexed up so I tried to accomodate it. I don't want to be a photographer who only shoots the same types of models. Specialization is good in that it allows you to deepen your skills, but I'd rather develop a style that I can bring to many different types of subjects and settings.

2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-escape 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-mirrors 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-circular 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-tamed 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-root-canal 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-trapeze 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-rings 2014.01.16-caitlin-annette-ace

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