2014.06.02 Archetypes


This is a random girl who responded to my Craigslist ad looking for models.

I like to ask girls who respond to my Craigslist ad about the other types of ads they respond to. Some of the answers I get are hilarious. In this case I believe she mentioned occasionally looking for stunt cocks to spice up her love life with her boyfriend. I've heard much worse. She texted me a lot and then flaked on a second shoot we had set up. I tend to overbook my schedule so that flakes are more relieving than annoying. That is just one aspect of my patented anti-flake-defense system, which I will describe to you (and potentially sell to you) another time.

Models are a natural resource for a photographer, so you have to learn how to recognize patterns in their behavior in order to handle them accordingly. While there are minor variations in model personalities, from a high level they usually fall into a handful of archetypes. I've met professional models who are awesome, professional models who suck, amateur models who are awesome or suck, and unfortunately a lot of girls who enjoy texting about shooting but have no actual interest in shooting. Every photographer without heavy name recognition complains about this. I treat it like a numbers game, if I talk to ten girls then I can usually schedule shoots with four of them, two will flake, that leaves two shoots, and there you go. You can be frustrated with it or you can accept it as reality and keep grinding.

It is all behavioral engineering. For example, if you find that a model isn't responding to your text messages for long periods of time, try texting her something short and mildy insulting, like "why so flaky" or "did I use too many big words". She will usually respond within 60 seconds. Your shoot still won't happen, but it wasn't going to happen anyway, so why not have some fun with it.

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I tried out some new lighting/color tricks here. It is still a work in progress but I am happy with the result.

2014.03.27-anonymous-firestarter 2014.03.27-anonymous-traveler 2014.03.27-anonymous-tulip 2014.03.27-anonymous-burn-1 2014.03.27-anonymous-burn-2 2014.03.27-anonymous-burn-3 2014.03.27-anonymous-underground 2014.03.27-anonymous-curtain 2014.03.27-anonymous-promise 2014.03.27-anonymous-the-red-wedding 2014.03.27-anonymous-that-deep-crazy

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