2014.12.20 apparition with esther rose

say hello to esther rose.

I scheduled a shoot awhile back with a girl named myra sierra. esther was one of the random people who she brought to my house unannounced. which was annoying at first but turned out fine since I fucking love these photos. something just works about this girl and this light in black and white.

esther is one of the 4 girls I shot around the time when my ipad was stolen. photos of the first girl are here. stay tuned for jaw-dropping photos of the remaining 2 suspects in the coming months, in a series tentatively titled "she stole my heart (and also my ipad)"

esther-rose-0025.jpg esther-rose-0030.jpg esther-rose-0033.jpg esther-rose-0036.jpg esther-rose-0050.jpg esther-rose-0057.jpg esther-rose-0060.jpg esther-rose-0069.jpg esther-rose-0076.jpg
esther-rose-0105.jpg esther-rose-0109.jpg esther-rose-0118.jpg esther-rose-0122.jpg esther-rose-0125.jpg

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