2013.10.29 Shawna Lynn in Philadelphia


This is Shawna Lynn. I was in Philly for a few days and she was kind enough to come by my hotel for a shoot.

This shoot was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time shooting while traveling. Up to this point, shooting models was just a weird habit I had developed in California. It was bizarre to do it back in my home state of Pennsylvania.

It was my first time shooting in a hotel room. My first time checking into a hotel, looking at my watch and realizing that the model would be there in an hour. Slowly walking around the room looking for the best angles to shoot from. Opening and closing curtains to see what looks best. Turning lights on and off. Shooting with different angles and lighting and analyzing camera settings.

Sometimes it's hard to know in the moment which ideas are good and which are bad. Like the 2 photos below in which Shawna is standing in front of the TV filled with static. That just came to me as I was struggling to find the football game on TV. She wasn't crazy about the idea so I had to cut it short, but man I don't know why I haven't tried that concept again.


The shoot ended kind of abruptly. I started talking to Shawna about our next set, and she asked "what are you trying to accomplish in the next set that we haven't already done?". I stared at her and said "uh, ok, let's just be done then". She quickly packed up her things and left. Nice meeting you.

2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-against 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-mask 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-trinity 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-dusk 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-survey 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-hostage 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-ask-the-dust 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-dusk-2 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-condor 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-flourescent 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-coma 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-prayer 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-flank 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-tripod 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-swarm 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-tuple 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-twin 2013.10.22-shawna-lynn-shadow

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