2013.10.28 Mercedes the Muse in Fort Ord


This is Mercedes the Muse. She likes latex, nipple clamps, and long walks through graveyards.

Mercedes and her boyfriend were kind enough to take me to a strange abandoned place called Fort Ord. Before I could even get my camera equipment set up mercedes had changed into her latex outfit and was moonwalking across the shards of broken glass in between the mounds of rubble.

This shoot was so incredible that it was covered by the Monterey Herald.

2013.08.31-mercedes-possessive 2013.08.31-mercedes-sharp 2013.08.31-mercedes-aligned 2013.08.31-mercedes-chief 2013.08.31-mercedes-ayatollah
2013.08.31-mercedes-linear 2013.08.31-mercedes-ill 2013.08.31-mercedes-independence
2013.08.31-mercedes-pet 2013.08.31-mercedes-entrance 2013.08.31-mercedes-spear 2013.08.31-mercedes-ghost 2013.08.31-mercedes-treachery

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2013.10.29 Shawna Lynn in Philadelphia

Shawna Lynn in Philadelphia

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