2013.12.21 Makenzi James part 1


I'm always browsing tumblr to find photos to emulate. I don't see it as plagiarism because by the time I actually get around to take the photos, I've either forgotten the original idea or the way I remember it isn't the way it actually was. I found these two photos by Aleksandr Mavrin and was inspired to take some photos of a tatooed ethnic girl gyrating around on the floor. Makenzi seemed like a good fit.

I had recently started renting a small photo studio in downtown san jose. I had been wanting to try shooting indoors for awhile as I was exhausted from constantly location scouting and wanted to focus on finding models and taking photos. The condo I rent gets great light, but when I would ask models to shoot here they would stop responding, which is how people say no in california. This was my first shoot in the studio during the day so I didn't yet have a good gauge of the lighting and best spots to shoot, but I'm very happy with the result.

2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-contestant 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-first-lady 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-the-ocean-floor 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-diagonal 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-conjoined 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-crosses 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-headlines 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-hostess 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-louder 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-camoflauge 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-routine 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-hatch 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-tomato 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-pantomime 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-serpent 2013.05.18-makenzi-james-1-columns

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