2013.12.28 Johannie Valdes part 1


Johannie Valdes was in San Jose and had some time to kill so we set up a shoot. I picked her up from her earlier shoot and drove to the photo studio I used to rent. We had to wait a little while for one of my studio-mates to finish, so we hung out in the hallway and nodded our heads to the club music he bumps while he shoots.

I found Johannie refreshing because she didn't care much about wardrobe. Note to models: if you tell me you don't care what you are wearing, I will pick something like the overwhelmingly revealing outfit she is wearing here. Sure, it's a ridiculous outfit that serves no functional purpose and it is the same bikini that Borat wore, but why are we talking about these things instead of how fucking amazing she looks here. Because taking pictures that look amazing is what I care about.

"Why not just have her nude?" you might ask. Because this is more interesting to me. I like the aesthetic of super sexy wardrobe in a plain, dirty room.

I published some of these photos as my first photoset on Zivity. Give me some votes if you're into it.

2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-demure 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-turnstyle 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-rothko-1 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-controller 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-alucard 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-resistance 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-hatch 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-vault 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-washed 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-phantom 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-why 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-winged 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-beneath 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-slide 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-nowhere 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-one-thousand-yards 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-bourdain 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-surgeon 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-eight 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-drenched 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-winter 2013.07.27-johannie-valdes-1-windowlicker

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