I'm still editing lots of good stuff from 2014.

mega olajuwan hemingway silk eyes etiquette tasteful apex I_dreamed_of_you_but_it_wasnt_you skull_and_bones triangles carbine pagoda details epistrophy intertwined sold blizzard I_am_a_god opera deadlock war pipes tournament tigerstyle flood arrabbiata kinda blue headquarters polly_1 judith bloom cracked andromeda primer pop cantankerous audi lotus pipe jury charcoal avalon two foie_gras diderot tacoma kill skew_2 fundamentalism haze wealth olympia prom inches suspiria signal convicted memento institution him_who_eats_time stream citadel confidential pizarro stanozolol francois lit_3 up mercy right sleep sixteen renault reserved math arena watch cellular venom tripwire omega slang marseille liara the_heat_death_of_the_universe shes_lost_control Im_not_even_supposed_to_be_here_today prestige tigershark

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BAIT starring Philothene