2013 cover

2013 by Viktor Matthews

This is my first book. It contains:

  • 82 pages. 75 total images. 14 models.
  • 1400 words
  • 30% of the book is new material - 24 images that I've never shared before.

$10 2013 digital photobook.

I will email you a link to the PDF(s) within 24 hours of receiving the funds.

san jose, california

2013 is a visual story of how I transitioned from shooting fashion photos outdoors, to shooting in a strange studio in downtown San Jose, California, to shooting during my travels back home to the east coast, to shooting porn actresses at my apartment. I cut and pasted the same messages on modelmayhem to hundreds of models - most ignored them, some responded and then flaked, and others came to the shoot and gave me their best. At one point I had all of my photo equipment stolen. It was a bizarre, beautiful year - hopefully you will enjoy viewing the photos as much as I enjoyed creating them.

It features these models (as well as a few that were anonymous and/or uncredited):

  • Carissa Singh
  • Dakini
  • Johannie Valdes
  • Lauren Blanke
  • Lizzy Modink
  • Lucy Jaye
  • Makenzi James
  • Meiko Askara
  • Mercedes the Muse
  • Pepper Kester
  • Sophia Jade

Check out my interview on Junnnktank! where I discuss the book.

carissa singh

"My real name is not Viktor, but that doesn’t matter."

makenzi james

"I found that models were most comfortable meeting with a no-name photographer in a public place. The locations I chose were not overly crowded, but there were usually enough people around that someone would hear the model scream if she felt the need to do so."

pepper kester

"I started asking girls on modelmayhem to come to my place to shoot, but they would stop responding to my messages. Once a model stops responding you have to shelve her for at least a month before trying again. So I would move on to the next model, copy/pasting the same conversation again with minor tweaks."


"I started buying the type of wardrobe that I wanted to shoot in. Buying women’s clothing felt weird at first. That feeling quickly faded."

lizzy rblood

"They invited me in, offered me food and drink, and let me shoot wherever I wanted in their spaces. I had never been treated this kindly by naked strangers in my life."

meiko askara

"I’ve learned to treasure the people who work with me and support me, and retain a mild disdain for the rest."

lucy jaye

"I shot in hotels, random people’s houses, and abandoned buildings. I was interviewed for a newspaper and had my photos rejected by countless magazines."