I'm a 38 year old photographer in San Jose, California.

If you're interested in collaborating with me, or hiring me for your project, please get in touch.

I'm fascinated by multiplicity - the idea that a person can act one way but feel another, or that a tree can look majestic in daylight and terrifying at night. I try to capture this in my photos.

My mom bought me a camera when I was a teenager and I started taking photos of my friends and I smoking weed and doing funny poses. I moved on to shooting a lot of urban and industrial exploration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I went to college. I've driven across the USA a few times and photographed a lot of weird things along the way.

I moved to northern California in mid 2011, went to a few photography meetups, and ended up randomly shooting a couple of models. I started getting more serious about it, wondering how far I could push it, and here I am. It has been too weird for me to turn back now.

Some people call my work porn, I'm fine with it. Others call it sloppy, I'm fine with it. One girl called my work "avant-garde", and I was definitely fine with it. I just call it my work, and I thank you for checking it out.


photo taken by filmexclusive

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